Travel Guide to Beach Haven

Beach Haven, NJ located on Long Beach Island in the center of the Jersey Shore region, could be considered the epicenter of this family-style vacation destination.

Beach Haven NJ is "Fun Central" on Long Beach Island

Greetings from Beach Haven, NJ!

Most folks know what to expect when planning a vacation on Long Beach Island. Yes, it's a New Jersey gem: an island off the east coast of one of the most populated states in the continental USA. As an island, Long Beach Island, NJ will not disappoint the seeker of sandy beaches and a 360 degrees of water view. That said, Beach Haven, the epicenter of this vacation mecca, has an overabundance of family-style fun from fantasy entertainments - like the island's only full-scale amusement park, Fantasy Island.

Want an evening out for live theater entertainment for the whole family - perhaps an American classic musical? Beach Haven is home to the summer theater institution called The Surflight Summer Theater. Or how about exploring the exciting maritime history of this island? Visit the LBI Museum, also in Beach Haven.

Yes, Long Beach Island is a string of very wonderful beach towns, but for those in the know with kids in tow, Beach Haven has a lot to offer within walking distance or a bicycle ride of any of the many vacation rentals by owner.